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Northland Payroll Services

Services Available

Services Available
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On this page we will list all of the sevices we offer.  Please check in often because we will frequently update our services available page with new items.

Services Available

  payroll calculation, check printing

  signing and mailing service

  401(K) and Section 125 (cafeteria) plans

  levy and court orders calculated and paid

  employee allotments

  union dues

  spousal and alimony deduction and payments

  direct deposit

  authorized deductions

  vacation & sick pay accounting

  Payroll Tax Returns

  940 (annual)

  941 (quarterly)

  All states (as needed)

  Local taxes as required

  new hire - return to work reports

  W-2 filing

  impound and tax payments

  checks on your account, bank check or our checks

  customized management reports for your business

  worker compensation reporting

  job costing and union reports are available.

  delivery across town, across the country






Here is what we don't give you:

  A bill for setting up your payroll

  A bill for printing your checks

  A bill for basic maintenance and quarterly reports

  A bill for termination checks

  A bill for adding, reinstatement or terminating and employee

  A bill for printing your W-2's

A telephone bill for voice or fax calls
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